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My name is Lerin Lockwood and I am a high school art teacher & multi-sport coach. I use my hands a LOT through out the day and because I’m so active, I have several occasions where I have to take off my jewelry including my wedding rings.
Lerin Lockwood Lion Latch
When I’m in the weight room, on the field or on the courts, I have to take my rings off to avoid scratching them or bending them.
When I’m teaching art, working with clay or throwing on the pottery wheel, I don't want to spend the next hour cleaning clay out of every crevice of my rings.
After catching a softball while coaching, I felt a sting in my ring finger. I removed my hand from my glove & saw the ball had bent my engagement ring, causing it to flatten into my finger & even worse... it knocked out a stone and I couldn’t find it. I made the call to my husband & his response was, “I think I’m going to be sick.” I told him it was one of the small stones not the large ones, & he felt a little relief, but regardless we had to pay to replace the stone & repair the ring. We never wanted to have that feeling again, so I began to look for places to keep my ring when I couldn’t wear it.
I tried my purse and wallet, but felt that was unsafe because pockets could have holes in them or change & other loose items could scratch & damage my ring.
Pre-practice, I’d forget to take my rings off beforehand in the locker room. Come mid-practice, I would need a place to put my rings because my fingers would swell & cause discomfort. That’s when I began placing my ring on my necklace, but it would bounce around while I was being active & I’d then end up taking off my necklace AND my engagement ring.
I decided my keychain carabiner was a good last minute place to latch my rings on, but I was still leaving them exposed to objects that could damage my ring, such as my keys.
I needed a protective, convenient & consistent place to keep my rings from being damaged or lost, that could still give me peace of mind while I was hard at work or play. Also, I needed something that wouldn't come unscrewed or unzipped like all of the other products made for storage. That’s when I decided to do something myself, so I developed the Lion Latch.  
The Lion Latch is the perfect gift for athletes, teachers, nurses, water enthusiasts and travelers.
Both women and men can use the Lion Latch and remain worry free about small jewelry they love while they're on-the-go!
We launched our Kickstarter campaign October 1, 2015 and were successfully funded on November 2, 2015! 
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