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My name is Lerin Lockwood and I am a high school art teacher & multi-sport coach. I use my hands A LOT through out the day and because I’m so active, I have several occasions where I have to take off my jewelry including my wedding rings.
Lerin Lockwood Lion Latch
When I’m teaching art, working with clay or throwing on the pottery wheel, I don’t want my rings to dent or scrape my hard work, nor do I want to spend the next hour cleaning clay out of every crevice of my rings.
When I’m in the weight room, on the field or on the courts, I have to take my rings off to avoid scratching them or bending them.
I was once on the softball field & had to catch in for our outfielder's last minute. After catching a ball from our center fielder, I felt a sting in my ring finger. I removed my hand from my glove & saw the ball had bent my engagement ring, causing it to flatten into my finger & even worse... it knocked out a stone and I couldn’t find it. I made the call to my husband & his response was, “I think I’m going to be sick.” I told him it was one of the small stones not the large ones, & he felt a little relief, but regardless we had to pay to replace the stone & repair the ring. We never wanted to have that feeling again, so I began to look for places to keep my ring when I couldn’t wear it.
I tried my purse and wallet, but felt that was unsafe because pockets could have holes in them or change & other loose items could scratch & damage my ring.
Pre-practice, I’d forget to take my rings off beforehand in the locker room. Come mid-practice, I would need a place to put my rings because my fingers would swell & cause discomfort. That’s when I began placing my ring on my necklace, but it would bounce around while I was being active & I’d then end up taking off my necklace AND my engagement ring. I decided my keychain carabiner was a good last minute place to latch my rings on, but I was still leaving them exposed to objects that could damage my ring, such as my keys.
I needed a protective, convenient & consistent place to keep my rings from being damaged or lost, that could still give me peace of mind while I was hard at work or play. Also, I needed something that wouldn't come unscrewed or unzipped like all of the other products made for storage. That’s when I decided to do something myself, so I developed the Lion Latch.  
We launched our Kickstarter campaign October 1, 2015 and were successfully funded on November 2, 2015! 
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