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The Lion Latch was Featured on ABC's The View March 05, 2019

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Marble Falls coach gets a lock on funding to produce Lion Latch By: Jennifer Fierro, writer for the Picayune 

Marble Falls coach invents device to keep jewelry safe during play 






Media Release October 2015

Young Austin area art teacher takes to Kickstarter to fund Lion Latch-
a clever jewelry caddie she invented after losing a diamond from her engagement ring.
This season’s best stocking stuffer saves your rings and small jewelry!


Marble Falls, Texas {October 1, 2015} – Americans spent nearly $10 billion on engagement and wedding rings alone in 2013.* So it’s no wonder that they worry about losing or damaging these valuable and sentimental pieces of jewelry. That’s just what happened to a Central Texas art teacher and multi-sport coach who later invented Lion Latch – a totally unique and clever device that helps prevent people from losing their rings and small jewelry.

“After catching a softball from our center fielder,” said Lion Latch™ inventor Lerin Lockwood, “I felt a sting in my ring finger. I removed my glove to see that the ball had bent my engagement ring, causing it to flatten into my finger and even knocked a diamond out of my setting!”

Lerin called her husband, whose response was, “’I think I’m going to throw up.’ When I told him it was one of the smaller stones, he was relieved,” she said. “But we never wanted to go through this again.

“I began to look for a solution because I knew I was always going to lead an active lifestyle,” said Lerin, who coaches two sports at her high school, as well as two city sports. “I figured there had to be millions of others who had experienced the same thing. And that’s when I came up with the idea of Lion Latch.”

Lerin spent a year researching, inventing and perfecting this clever jewelry caddie, which safeguards rings and small jewelry against misplacement, loss or damage. And it’s so easy to use, as shown in this video.



Help Lerin Kickstart this great little stocking stuffer

To fund production of the ring, Lerin launched a campaign on October 1 to raise $14,000 in 32 days.  

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing’ funding model so if Lion Latch does not reach its goal by November 2, it may be some time before it reaches the market. To follow the project, be sure to find Lion Latch on  Kickstarter, and to spread the word on your social media networks. Consider donating to help the project come to fruition. If you decide to donate, it will help to get this clever little ring caddie on the market by this holiday season,  ensuring that you’ve got one of the best Christmas stocking stuffers ever to treat your friends and family.


These are just some of the groups of people who will LOVE Lion Latch because it will help them to balance their active lifestyles with the safety of their rings and small jewelry:


  • Fashionistas
  • Artists
  • High-school, university, amateur and professional athletes and coaches
  • Outdoor enthusiasts, such as those who love to hunt or fish
  • Parents, especially those with young, active children
  • Industrial, factory and construction workers
  • Spa workers and nail technicians
  • Professional and amateur chefs and bakers
  • Healthcare professionals, such as doctors and dentists
  • First responders, such as police, fire and rescue personnel
  • Gardeners and farmers
  • Teachers – especially those who get their hands messy!
  • Fitness enthusiasts, weight lifters and gym-goers
  • Extreme sports enthusiasts, such as rock climbers, marathoners and triathletes
  • Water sport enthusiasts, such as swimmers, sailors and water skiers
  • Snow sport enthusiasts, such as snowboarders, skiers and snowmobilers
  • Jewelry lovers everywhere!


Media: If you would like to schedule an interview with Lerin Lockwood, get images or for more information, please contact Jeannine Wheeler at or call at 512.517.6580.



Lion Latch can be used for all your rings and small jewelry. The carabiner (included) attaches to almost anything, including belt links, handbags and gym bags.  Lion Latch will retail for $15 (discounts for bulk orders) and comes in eight cool colors, including hot pink, turquoise, purple, blue, safety orange, burnt orange, red and maroon.

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Lion Latch Jewelry Tote

The Lion Latch Jewelry Tote is a clever and convenient way to store the rings and small jewelry you love when you're on the go and can't wear them. The carabiner latches on to almost anything, allowing you to keep a close eye on your precious jewelry when you are unable to wear it. Lion Latch comes in eight cool colors, including hot pink, turquoise, purple, blue, safety orange, burnt orange, red and maroon. Individual caddies cost $15, with discounts for bulk orders.

Lerin Lockwood Bio

Lerin is an art teacher and multi-sport coach at Marble Falls High School in Central Texas. She has a BA from Texas State University and a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. She was awarded the Volleyball Defensive MVP in NJCAA Regional V in 2005 from Hill College.  In Marble Falls, the Picayune newspaper named her the Marble Falls area favorite coach. She invented Lion Latch after damaging her engagement ring while catching for her softball team.

*According to the Equity Communications' State of the Core Market Report (2015 US Jewelry Market) 

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