What is the Jewelry Tote? - Lion Latch

The Lion Latch Jewelry Tote is a jewelry retention device made of durable polycarbonate plastic. The base of the Jewelry Tote has stem that protrudes outwardly from the base of the device. The closure lid has a hole in it that receives the stem of the base. Once the closure lid covers the retention base, a locking device such as a carabiner will then latch through the hole at the top of the stem, preventing the lid from coming off. 

Lion Latch Jewelry Tote

The Lion Latch Jewelry Tote:

  • Won’t come unscrewed, unzipped, break or fall off if used properly.
  • Can be latched on to your keys, backback zipper, lanyard.
  • Holds more than one ring.
  • Holds multiple types of rings: college ring, championship ring and wedding ring.
  • Holds more than just your rings: small necklaces, ear rings.
  • Catches stones if they fall out.
  • Creates a good habit.
  • Gives you peace of mind not having to think about their safety as you go about your day.

The risks of wearing your jewelry when being active:

  • Weights will scratch your rings, especially if they are made of a malleable material.
  • Rings can be uncomfortable or can effect your grip if you’re lifting a heavy bar.
  • Gloves can pull the prongs and loosen your stones.
  • In sports, your rings can bend causing damage to the ring itself and stones can fall out.
  • Rings can fall off your finger due to sweat or water if swimming.
  • Athletes can not wear jewelry in competition for safety prevention including rings, necklaces, anklets and ear rings.
  • If your fingers swell your rings may cause discomfort.
  • Gardening or on the beach the sand and dirt can damage your ring.
  • Job related safety.
  • Health regulations.